Windmill in a sea of bluebonnets
    Windmill in a sea of bluebonnets

    Simple.  Beautiful.  Functional.  A window into the past.  Those are the characteristics that have drawn me to windmills for many years.  I’ve always loved the country life…the simplicity, yet hard work, that encircles everything “country” related, and the windmill became a symbol of those things to me.

    I learned to sew many years ago, but when I began sewing enough to call it a “business”, I had to think of a name.  I wanted a name that meant something to me, hence the name Windmill Country Threads.

    Windmill Country Threads has become an outlet for creativity, an opportunity to relax through sewing, and a small source of income for my family.  Many of the items I make began as customer requests for custom orders.  Once I designed the item for the customer, I continued to produce it for others to purchase.  My designs are meant to be functional, yet beautiful.  The combinations of fabric determine the style and tone of each piece.  Some are more rustic, while others are fancier, but all seem to bring me back to those simple, beautiful, and functional qualities of a classic windmill pasted against a blue sky and surrounded by wildflowers.

    Would you like to join me on this journey, noticing things that are simple, beautiful, and functional in this amazing creation that God has blessed us with?  From time to time, I plan to post thoughts that encourage, observations about the little things we sometimes overlook, and reflections on the opportunities we are given each day.  I may post about ways to use what you have to accomplish a goal or even show you new things I’m working on.  I’m not a writer or blogger by any means, but I’d like a way to communicate with and encourage others.  Hopefully, this little portion of my website will accomplish that!

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    Shabby Chic Shower Curtain brings patchwork country charm to your bathroom.
    Shabby Chic Shower Curtain

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